Scuola Archivio Leonardi is an independent school established to disseminate the working methods developed by the architect Cesare Leonardi (Modena, 1935), a multifaceted and little known figure in the contemporary architectural and artistic scene. Over the course of almost fifty year's activity Leonardi was involved in architecture, urban design, photography, interior design, sculpture, and painting, working on the confine between artistic design and practice.

His "transverse" approach was characterized by a capacity to develop unique ideas in different disciplinary spheres, and this represents the cornerstone for the School's philosophy.

The objective is to train designers outside the logic of "specialization", instead enabling them to manage the specific demands of projects through critical capacity, investigative work and technical know-how. In this approach, design vision and practical handcraft skills are perceived as inseparable, the modus operandi through which to understand and transform reality.