Cesare Leonardi's home and studio is in the Villaggio Artigiano Modena Ovest. Taking care of this place today is the association Archivio Architetto Cesare Leonardi, a collective of architects and academics, including some previous collaborators with Cesare Leonardi, who for more than ten years have been dedicated to the protection, cataloguing, and divulgation of the works of this Modena architect. 

Here, among crowded shelves in yellow wood, handmade following strict modular criteria, is contained his life's work. Architectural designs, photographic compositions, wooden models, sculptures, and prototypes of every kind are packed into the space alongside items linked to family life and his origins, the expression of his philosophy that life and design were inseparable. 

The School arose out of a desire that the Archive should not simply be a valuable collection of documents, available for occasional consultation, but should instead represent a cultural and design urge in the areas that Leonardi was involved in.