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Andrea Cavani

(1974) Architetc, co-founder and curator of Archivio Leonardi. Studied architecture in Mendrisio and in Ferrara where he graduated with Peter Zumthor. PhD in Architectural Composition at the University of Bologna, adjunct professor from 2011 to 2015.
From the collaboration with Cesare Leonardi grows his interest in design, particularly in artisanal furniture and lighting.


Giulio Orsini

(1974) Architect. Studied Architecture in Venice. From 1997 to 2007 worked with Cesare Leonardi, learning to know Trees and to build Solids.
From 2010 he is co-founder, curator and president of Archivio Leonardi.


Giacomo Cossio

(1974) Architect and painter. His works and performances show the most manipulatable and labile side of Nature along with its resilience to the human action: artificial landscapes on canvas, portable gardens, airbrushed monochromatic forests.


Francesco Fantoni

(1968) Architect. Studied Architecture in Venice and Paris. From 1995 lives and works in Modena, where he founded the studio Hva (Hermanitos Verdes Architects). He works on micro-creations, such as “fairy tales in a box”, tiny pop-up scenes in tin can.


(1974) Theatre director. Graduated in Architecture, specialized with Luca Ronconi’s “perfectioning school for directors and actors” and with Lluís Pasqual’s directing course “Proyecto BAT”. From 1999 he worked as set designer, actor, gramatist, assistant director of Giorgio Gallione, Lluís Pasqual, Wayne Fawkes, Lorenzo Mariani, Lucio Dalla. He wrote and directed numerous play, some of which have been awarded at national level.