Module Solids

Applying a "handcraft" design and construction method, starting with wood boards generally used in building for concrete shuttering, Leonardi designed objects starting from single 150 x 50 cm boards (or multiples and submultiples of the same) without wasting any material. Starting from this "self-imposed" rule, and cutting board in various ways, more than three hundred items of furniture were created. The same combinations give rise to unexpected variants since the individual parts can be assembled in different ways.  These were mostly chairs, but included benches, tables, cupboards, divans, and platforms. A "global" solution intended for furnishing living spaces that is unitary and flexible at the same time, also in regards to their placement, since most of the Solids are designed to have wheels.
Participants will have the opportunity of fully understand the Solids production, practice on designing new elements, and finally build one Solid following Cesare Leonardi’s method.

week I: October 22 to October 25

week II: November 19 to November 22

week III: December 10 to December 14

week IV: January 14 to January 17