Selection is open to young people, preferably between 18 and 35 years old.
Each module has 10 places available. 

To apply for selection, fill in the form within September 30 2019, attaching an individual project, implemented or to be implemented, concerning the school topics, in particular craftsmanship and/or landscape.

The project proposals will be developed through workshops, individual and collective working sessions with tutors, professors and visiting lecturers.

All candidates will be informed of the selection results by e-mail within October 7. 

Solidi Modul will start on October 22.

After receiving confirmation of admission to the School, it is necessary to pay the course subscription fee within October 7:

2.000 euros for one module 
3.500 euros for both modules.

Applications sent within August 19, if selected, would benefit of a reduced fee of 250 euros (1.750 euros per Module  and 3.250 euros both Modules).

Information on scholarships and other opportunities offered by the School will be published on the website page “facilities”.